Vacation forever in Tenerife

Vacation forever in Tenerife

Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_0789Sounds lovely right? I just got back from the Canary Islands, to be more precise from Tenerife, where I stayed almost a week. In this week I fell in love with this island that I did not want to leave at all. I was really sad when I had to fly back to London because the weather was amazing (which btw is like that all year round), the beaches were incredibly beautiful and the food was simply a foodie delight. Furthermore I explored some small villages like Playa de Santiago which was so cute and charming. Although we had everything on our doorstep in the Abama Resort – I still wanted to get out and see how the locals live and what there is to see and to eat ( Potatoes with Mojo Sauce is my absolute favourite tapa and really typical here). Palm trees and Banana Plants is the answer to what there is to see in terms of nature. If you love Palm trees like I do – You will be in heaven. And due to the Banana Plants on the island you will eat the best bananas that you have ever tried.

I already booked my next flight to Tenerife, because I have to much more to explore. I want to walk up the Teide, the famous volcano in the middle of the island. And I want to drive to Santa Cruz and visit the weekly market. And I want to go whale and dolphin watching, where you can see them in nature. Forget the water parks where they are not in their natural environment. Seeing the real thing is a whole different experience. I already did that in New Zealand and was blown away by the wild dolphins.

But back to Tenerife, we stayed south west of the island in the Abama Golf Resort. When I am on holiday I really enjoy playing a round or two in the sunshine. You could call me a sunny golfer, or a vacay golfer – but I just don’t find the time to play more often. But when I do I really love it although I am quite competitive. After my first round I instantly called my brother ( a golf professional ) that I played a solid 1 over Par and pointed out my nicest Birdies. I was so proud of myself after such a long golf break. Well I guess it is like driving a bike. Right?

But now I will show you my favourite pics of the island, the food and my pool buddy …Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_135422 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_344Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_13 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_199Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_190330 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1555848 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_18493 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_05294 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1666 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1898 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1577Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_5223 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1099 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1322 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_112 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_090 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_0040 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_0043 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_19 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_17 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_43 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_23 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_33 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_7 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_12 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_11 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_5 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_6 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_1 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_9 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_109 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_154 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_178 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_445 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_000432 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_529 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_0949 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_0890 Tenerife_Cityfreudeblog_Travel_455

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