Time for a Detox Juice!

Time for a Detox Juice!

After having friends over for dinner last night we ate lots of delicious yet a little unhealthy things and we also drank Hugo’s. Detoxing is always great after an evening full of carbs and alcohol. This Detox Juice will cleanse your body and is very tasty at the same time. Whenever I do any kind of detox I love to team it with using a detox foot bath that helps to clear toxins from your bloodstream. It’s a pretty easy way to go about doing it too, I’d highly recommend it!

I just looooove juices and smoothies so for me it is actually not that hard to drink only these liquids for a day or two. I like to have different smoothies for different occassions so that I don’t get bored drinking the same flavours. I often use spanish black radish in smoothies when I want to do a big clear out and it’s great for your skin too. If you are not that kind of person and need something else to eat I would recommend a light veggie soup for dinner. But try to replace two meals with the detox smoothie otherwise it won’t work and your body does not get the cleansing Vibe.

Here is my recipe for my Detox Juice that you see on the pictures:

1 whole Lemon
1/2 small Watermelon
1 large piece of Ginger
2 small Apples
3 Celery Sticks
4 Carrots
1 Beetroot
1/2 Cucumber

The outcome should be at least 1 liter of juice. So for each meal you should drink at least 500ml as well as unsweetened tea and lots of water.

What I love about this juice is the color. The beetroot is responsible for the bright pink colouring and I love it not only because it matches my nails. It’s so yummy, trust me.

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