The Soho House /// Istanbul

The Soho House /// Istanbul

DSC_0109Besides my Hotspots and Tips around Istanbul I would like to share one more Hotspot which is where I stayed – The Soho House. It was just opened in April and is the tenth outlet of the membership group. The Soho House Istanbul has been a former palazzo owned by a Raj and has been empty for years until the Hotel Group has decided to buy it as well as restore it authentically. The Interior of the palazzo has been kept like it was originally and was built up as authentic as it was. Walking into this historic building was amazing. As a hotel guest you can use all the facilities of the Soho Members and I thought I would not enjoy the Club Life but I actually think about joining. It is a place for creative people to socialise, chill and work. I had the feeling that Istanbuls most creative and individual people were there. And I kind of liked that. In London there are three Soho Houses and I will definitely check them out soon. But now I will show you the Soho House Istanbul.

We begin with the Food – The Mandolin Terrace. They serve turkish Mezze and very authentic, fresh and delicious food. We were there twice during our stay because they have a lovely terrace which is great to chill and get a bite to eat. The atmosphere is just lovely. The only downside for Istanbul Travellers is that you have to be a hotel guest or a Soho House Member.

IMG_9496 IMG_9438 IMG_9436 IMG_9434 IMG_9430 IMG_9429 IMG_9431 IMG_9465 IMG_9427


DSC_0105THE ROOF TERRACE is just devine, the views over Istanbul are amazing. You can chill at the pool, hang your feet in and relax.

DSC_0198 DSC_0194 Istanbul-Roof Terrace Soho HouseDSC_0193 DSC_0197 DSC_0202 DSC_0204 DSC_0208THE COWSHED SPA as well as their products are really nice. On the rooms you have all sorts of different beauty products and toiletries in big bottles so you can really out the full range of their products. I tried ever single product and it is really good stuff.DSC_0191

DSC_0077 SPA SOHO HOUSEThis is our Room – one of 87 available rooms in the Soho House. THE ROOMS are totally true to the Soho House style which is combining retro elements and vintage looks with modern interior. I would not want to live like that because I like it modern throughout but for vacations this is a really nice and relaxing style to feel comfy and welcome. I also love that they have coffee table books all over the place. In the room there were a few as well as in the Lobby. Reading is a big part of the Soho House Culture but it is also a very nice design element. The EAT DRINK NAP Book is available at the Soho House and features all Membership Clubs and Hotels. The Easter Egg on the pictures was a gift from the hotel, how thoughtful and sweet. I love gifts so I liked the hotel even more after the present. What I also liked was the turkish elements they brought into the room like the china. We had a Nespresso Coffee every day on the room and drank out of these typical turkish tile inspired cups.

IMG_9410 Istanbul-Room Soho HouseIMG_9394 IMG_9411 IMG_9392DSC_0005DSC_0078THE LOBBY




Evliya Çelebi Mahallesi Meşrutiyet Caddesi 56

Beyoğlu, Istanbul, 34430



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8 thoughts on “The Soho House /// Istanbul

  1. Ich bin eigentlich kein Soho House Fan, doch dieses sieht ja traumhaft aus. Vielleicht lohnt sich ja doch eine Mitgliedschaft?

    Gruß Anna

    1. Liebe Anna,

      ich war eigentlich auch kein Fan, doch wenn ich dieses Soho House in meiner Nähe hätte würde ich definitiv Mitglied werden. Es war so wundervoll dort. Die Dachterasse ist einfach wahnsinnig schön. Der Blick über Istanbul ist gigantisch.

      Gruss Vanessa

  2. I am a worldwide member but have not been to the Istanbul club but after your post I definitely have to.

    Thanks Peter

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