The Palmtree Mood

The Palmtree Mood

IMG_4001The Palmtree Mood has hit me. It is Summer – but the weather appears to think otherwise. This season I did not book holidays in advance because I wanted to spend the summer in the city and hit every park in the Westend. But with this unstable weather I regret that we did not book a beach getaway. I miss the sun, the sea and palmtrees. I wanna go somewhere south NOW. Well since I plan to stay here in the cold I will wear summery things in the meantime that will cheer me up – all three accessories actually come from London but have a big wanderlust factor. The Mini Envelope Bag is by Sophie Hulme and it comes with a palmtree Cocktail Stirrer as a bag charm. The Love Sunnies are my summer shades – I bought them at Portobello Market – they look so vintage and hippie like. And not to forget the beige suede dandy slippers with the golden palmtree on top are from Penelope Chilvers and I have to say that I wear them all the time. The two British designers are probably inspired by the hot humid London summer – NOT. We all love London with all our hearts but let’s face it – London is not Langkawi – there is just nothing better than the sun, the sea and palmtrees which seems to be so far away at the moment.  #bigwanderlust
Palmtrees 1IMG_4004Palmtrees 2IMG_4003 Palmtrees 3

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