The best day ever – Mr & Mrs

The best day ever – Mr & Mrs


So, it finally happened. Going into this, I had no idea how much planning a wedding took! You have to think about the venue, decide who you’re going to invite, look into photographers like Liam Smith, pick a caterer, and so much more. But it was all worth it in the end and I do not know how and where to begin. I promised you photos, stories and details. Well here they are…

7th May 2016 – that’s THE Date – our Date

It was such an emotional day, a day full of joy, love and laughter. And it really was the best day of our life. It really was. Being around the most important people in our lives, celebrating with them and chat with friends and family while drinking bubbles and enjoying amazing food. The church was breathtaking, I couldn’t of imagined another setting to get married in. We then had a huge tent for the reception, it was similar to the tent rental service and managed to fit all of my guests which was a huge plus. Initially, we were a bit worried about transportation facilities for all the guests. But my friends recommended me to look for limo rental companies like Dream Limousines (check out check out Dream Limousines, Inc here), which are known to offer limo rental services for big events like this. Anyways, that problem was solved. Thank God! The weather was great too, so it provided much needed shade throughout the day. This does not only sound like a blast. But the best part about it – finally saying Yes to the Man of my dreams and knowing that we will spend the rest of our lives together. This is why we did it in the first place and it was worth the money, the time I spent planning the big day and all the stress that come alongside with it.

But now I will share my favorite pics with you from our Wedding Day where we finally become Mr & Mrs.

I warn you – be prepared to scroll for half an hour. I could not cut down on the pics…

At the bottom I will share all the details such as designer of my gown, location and cake supplier.

Hope you enjoy our London Wedding.

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Wedding Dress 1 ///// Lusan Mandongus

Veil ///// Pronovias

Panda Shoes ///// Charlotte Olympia

Head Piece //// Miu Miu

Bridal Gown //// Victoria`s Secret

Wedding Gown 2 ///// Marchesa

Sandals //// Valentino

Grooms Suit //// Cad and the Dandy

Grooms Tie ///// Hermes

Shoes //// Crockett & Jones

Wedding Cake /// The Cake Parlour

Church //// The Brompton Oratory, Knightsbridge

Location Reception //// Ognisko Restaurant, South Kensington

London Vintage Bus //// London Retro Bus

Stationary ///// Vanessa DIY

Harpist //// Anna Quiroga

Decoration Ognisko //// Vanessa DIY

Eclairs Candybar //// Maitre Choux

Champagne ///// Lanson Rosé

Flowers //// The Chelsea Flower Shop

If you now want to see even more pics and some snaps just check our Hashtag #MarvinputaRingonVanny

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6 thoughts on “The best day ever – Mr & Mrs

  1. Hello Vanessa,

    Looks like a dream wedding. Love the gold pineapple details.

    Congrats by the way – you make a stunning couple.

    Love Emma

  2. Hallo Vanessa,

    OMG die Bilder sind so schön. Ihr seid ein tolles Paar.

    Wünsche euch nur das beste für die Zukunft.

    Lieben Gruss Elisabeth

    1. Vielen Dank Elisabeth.

      Ich bin auch total happy mit den Bildern. Es war so ein toller Tag, an den ich noch so lange zurückdenke.

      Gruss Vanessa

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