Pom Pom Mania //// Outfit

Pom Pom Mania //// Outfit


POM POMS are all over the place at the Moment. And I am a total addict when it comes to Pom Poms, Fringes and everything that screams HIPPIE. And since there is the London Heat Wave everyone has a Beach Vibe going on. But who is to blame? With 34 degrees and rising who wouldn’t love to be at the beach with a cool coconut in your hand? What’s better than that? Well for us ( the people who have to stay in London ) lets pretend that we go to the beach and just sit next to the serpentine lake at Hyde Park and dress accordingly? Well at least thats my plan. This is my #hottestdayoftheyear outfit… ( which actually was on Tuesday )  Hope you like the Pom Pom Hippie Dippie Look.

BTW – this beach bag is bespoke and handmade only for me. It has my Initials on it and really is one of a kind. How cool right? Order yours now and take it on your next vacation. You’ll love it and I am sure that everyone asks you where you got it. It is the centre of the attention. At least here in London.


Top   ////  ZARA

Skirt    ////    H&M Conscious Collection

Beach Bag   ////  VERY MUCH ME … look at their Insta Page and order your bespoke, initialed bag today

Hat   ////   Yosuzi

Sandals  /////   Mabu By Maria BK

Cross Body Bag   ////  Monsoon

Sunglasses   ////  FENDI

Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-57 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-51 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-35 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-15Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-20Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-59Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-32 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-61 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-65 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-147Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-60 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-48 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-28 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-17 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-14 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-144 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-31 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-16 Pom-Pom-Outfit-Cityfreudeblog-London-21

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