Papaya Breakfast Ideas

Papaya Breakfast Ideas


Papaya or Pawpaw has been my favorite breakfast fruit lately. No wonder because it is supposed to be super healthy and is called a super food. It helps with digestive issues, lowers the risk of cancer and is high in Vitamin C and E. It also contains beta-carotene, which is good for your eyes and antioxidants which helps with preventing heart diseases. Putting the beneficial factors aside – I love the sweet taste of Papaya especially with other exotic fruits like Mango and Pineapple. Berries are also a great fit when you eat them with Papaya.

Eating plain Papaya or throwing it on to my müsli every day can be quite boring. That’s why I came up with three different ideas to a creative yummy looking breakfast. A three way filled Papaya with yoghurt and fresh exotic fruits. And of course there is no great breakfast without my Vitacoco Coconut Water. It hydrates me naturally and just tastes amazing. I have tried so many brands in the last few weeks but Vitacoco is my favorite. IMG_0862IMG_0881Papaya Bowl Breakfast 2IMG_0861 IMG_0887IMG_0866 IMG_0886 IMG_0864

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