The Egerton Crescent Look

DSC_0189Do you have a black little bag? If not – You definitely need one! Everyone should have a small black leather bag in their life. I needed an every day bag that I can carry cross body as well as on the shoulder and I did not want to spend a fortune. I tend to go for small bags lately because the bigger they are the heavier they get and when I am out and about in London, I just cannot carry 10 kg around all day. I can’t be bothered so that’s why I love small bags like this one. It is black with gold hardware and comes with two straps – one is black leather throughout and the other one has a golden chain strap which I like better for some reason. I wanted to present you my newest piece in my closet by showing you what I wear when wandering around in my neighbourhood. I went for a leisure outfit with lots of black garments and to lighten the look I wear my black and white boucle jacket that I love with all black looks. And since I walk a lot I love to wear sneakers – my Chanel trainers are always a good idea. They match almost every outfit – and in my opinion they are not as sporty as Nike’s. But apart from the shoes I am totally in love with my little black bag – if you also fell in love with it you can order it straight away from Hallhuber.


Bag   ///   Hallhuber

Pants    ///   Zara

Coat   ///   Julie Brandt

Shoes   ///   Chanel

Sunglasses   ///   Valentino

DSC_0172DSC_0198DSC_0185 DSC_0193 Hallhuber Leather Bag in London - ootd Cityfreudeblog DSC_0204 DSC_0184 DSC_0179 DSC_0203 DSC_0176DSC_0174DSC_0182

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