Trend /// Metallic Shoes

Trend /// Metallic Shoes

Metallic Trend Summer FashionYou know that I am a Shoe Lover – I like special footwear and this is definitely special. I saw these Cuties at the Stella McCartney Store and I fell in Love instantly. When Prada first introduced the Platform Broques in 2011 I was not a big fan – I have to be honest. But I try to figure out what is different this time? I love the wood element on the Stella’s and the metallic finish is also very nice. Metallic is a big thing this year. So prepare for the trend by buying a pair of Metallics. There are plenty of choices out there, you’d be surprised. Below you’ll find a selection. In the mean time I will save up for the shiny silver Stella McCartney Platform Brogues. They are on my Wishlist as well as many other pieces of the McCartney Collection. I just love that no animal products are used for her collections and that she is so creative with materials, cuts and patterns. I would say she is my favourite British fashion designer. I am thrilled already when I get to see the new collection during London Fashion Week in september and what she came up with this season. IMG_8470 IMG_8471

Metallic Shoes Trend Summer 2015

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