Hermès Wanderland Exhibition

Hermès Wanderland Exhibition

IMG_0372The Saatchi Gallery hosted a pop up exhibition named Hermès Wanderland. Only 24 days Hermès showed never seen objects of their archive and made a very special installation. 11 rooms were filled with bags, jewellery, foulards and many other accessoires that stand for “Flânerie” which was the overall theme of this exhibition. “Flânerie” is a wonderful liberating art of urban wandering and is second nature to Hermès. “one could say our profound nature” quote of Hermès Exhibition catalogue. In the first room there was an installation “The Flâner in film” which projects the visitors into a imiginary flânerie. The second room displayed walking sticks which are a flâneur’s prop. Moving on to the third room “The Wardrobe” of a man and a woman. On the left is the womans closet: A bag obsessed very fashionable lady wardrobe. On the opposite side the sporty man’s closet with a dandy spirit. The Wardrobes were accompanied by a light show which shows the flâneurs day and night. Room 4 was about “The Crossroads” which were the flâneurs telepathy and the thoughts of those you pass on the streets. Now the Hermès Bags were displayed in the fifth room as a boulevard square but upside down – “The Square that wasn’t”. This was one of my favorite rooms. I liked the scene and the drawings on the wall. The sixth room lead to the seventh also contentwise. “After the rain” I escaped into “The Café of forgotten objects” which displayed jewellery, a chess board and other small goods in a brasserie style parisian café. After leaving the brasserie the street art of local artists was presented in room no.8. Followed by “The Passage” my second favorite room. Especially the elephant in the china shop was really well done. The “Eye spies” room is about see and be seen. A magic room where strange things come to pass when nobody is home. Last but not least – Room 11 “Home”.

 As an Hermès Fan it was a must see – here are some shots of what you missed. 
IMG_0377 Collage Hermès Wanderland 1 IMG_0382

Collage Hermès Wanderland 2


IMG_0390IMG_0387IMG_0386IMG_0394 IMG_0408 IMG_0412 IMG_0409

Collage Hermès Wanderland 4 IMG_0437IMG_0435IMG_0434IMG_0436IMG_0440IMG_0441IMG_0442

Collage Hermès Wanderland 5IMG_0448
Collage Hermès Wanderland 3


Saatchi Gallery

Duke of York’s Square

Kings Road

SW3 4RY London


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