Stunning Heels for Brides

Stunning Heels for Brides

Bridal HeelsThis is a topic that has caused me lots of sleepless nights. What shoes should I wear on my feet on the big day? White, Silver, Gold or Blue? Heels or Flats? Pretty or just comfortable?

It is a tough decision and as tough as the dress I would say. If you like to go for white shoes which is the most classic colour for brides then you either find really cheap looking ones or you have to spend a fortune on designer ones that look stunning and just match the beauty of your dress. Well and then there is the fact that you have to be able to walk in them for a long time so they should be a little bit comfortable at least which most of the heels aren’t if we are honest. But all that we throw under the bridge to look gorgeous because we just love pretty shoes. Right girls?

Shoe Hunting can be a bit****. Either my size was sold out, too expensive, too high, too low or just not right. I have tried them all ( that’s the advantage when living close to Harrods ) and I will show you the bridal shoes that I would recommend. They look stunning and they are just perfect for your wedding and furthermore you can wear them after the big day as well – so it is an investment. Ladies here are my 8 favourite Bridal Heels that you will looooove. Don’t expect boring white shoes – these shoes have a WOW factor and are very unique and special.

Kitty HeelsSophia Webster HeelsSilver Gucci HeelsChristian Louboutin HeelsValentino HeelsJimmy Choo HeelsTEd Baker HeelsNicholas Kirkwood Heels

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2 thoughts on “Stunning Heels for Brides

  1. I like the idea of wearing the wedding shoes again! I totally fell in Love with the Nicholas Kirkwood Bow Heels. They are so pretty.
    Best Cara

    1. Hi Cara, Yes why would you spend so much money for shoes when you only wear them once.

      These shoes are great for the wedding days and also for every day life.

      Glad you like them.

      Best Vanessa

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