Getting inspired and motivated

Getting inspired and motivated

Such an amazing door! #victoriaandalbertmuseum #vanda @vamuseum #vamuseum #goldendoor #artefact #ancient #art #monday #museum

Monday mornings are perfect for hitting the museum. All the weekend tourists are gone and you will probably be the only one there when you come early. That is the time I love, just me and the art. Here I get inspired and also motivate myself to be creative as well as work hard for the week ahead. At the Victoria & Albert Museum you can not only visit the current fashion and design exhibitions like Constable or the Wedding Dresses one but also the free all year classics like Asian Art or ancient artefacts. The Weston Cast Court is my favourite room of the museum. The enormous golden door is breathtaking and I think the craftsmanship of the details is just spectacular.


IMG_58011 IMG_5809 IMG_5811IMG_5813 IMG_5800 IMG_58041IMG_5807


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