Fruit or Veggie Infused Water – or both?

Fruit or Veggie Infused Water – or both?

It is all over the internet and on blogs – infused water. These days just regular water isn’t enough. We add veggies or fruits to give normal water more flavour. And it supposed to be healthy. What I tried is this combo…
I thought why should I stick to the boring Lemons when I can put in everything I like at once? Sweet and savoury! I have to tell you it is rather delicious and it was kind of a coincidence that I discovered this strange combo.

I bought strawberries the other day – don’t judge me! I know they are not in season. The taste was bad and I did not want to throw them away so I put them into my Voss water bottle. But this was to lame having only one color in the bottle. I needed something more bright to help me through the foggy grey day. So I cut some bright green cucumbers in small pieces and combined everything in my water bottle. Look how great it looks and I can tell you it tastes divine. Try it at home.

It is also very decorative and it fits perfectly into my little Christmas Corner.

Infused water is healthy and fun at the same time
This is my little Christmas Corner – The ┬áinfused water in the Voss Water Bottle is a perfect fit.
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