Fashion is crazy

Fashion is crazy

DSC_0311Fashion is Art and Art is crazy sometimes. Every season I am stunned about what the fashionistas come up with. They are so creative in what they wear and even if it kinda looks stupid sometimes – it looks really cool and unique. And that is what it is all about. Being creative, unique and different and the purpose of all the long hours of styling – being photographed by the Fashion Paparazzi. In front of the Brewer Street Car Park ( this years London Fashion Week Location ) hundreds of photographers, bloggers and fashion people were waiting for crazy people to walk by so that they can take a great shot for their publication or blog. And because there are so many crazy people out there you’ll find so many crazy fashion week looks, just browse through instagram or look at the following fashion artists: The first three are my faves and shot by me.

DSC_0314 DSC_0313 DSC_0315susie bubbles street style******

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4 thoughts on “Fashion is crazy

    1. Ja aber hallo!!!!

      Doch es waren auch echt coole und sehr kreative Outfits dabei ! Es lohnt sich eigentlich immer. Nächste Saison darfst du nicht nach Hause fahren.

      Gruss Vanessa

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