Endless sea of Lavender

Endless sea of Lavender

IMG_9495I closed my eyes and just took a deep breath and felt like I was in the south of France. Being in the middle of this purple sea of lavender was simply stunning. This Lavender Farm is 1,5 hours away from London where they plant and sell everything that you can imagine. Lavender candles, creams, flapjacks, pillows filled with the purple blossoms and they also sell the plant itself. The drive was quite the hustle but the nature, the smell and the colours totally made up for it. And I overcame my fear of bees and other insects. The Lavender was blooming at their best ( July and August is high blossom season for Lavender ) but this means that the millions of bees were there to pollinate the blooms. Don’t get me wrong – I love bees and we really need them but I was really afraid of them because I did not want to get stung. We were there for a while but the bees were so friendly that nobody got hurt. Vicko from Stories & Smiles suggested that we should drive all the way out there – she was my partner in crime on this trip so she took the following pics. I hope you enjoy the purple overload pictures.


Jacket  ///  Shanghai Tang

Dress  ///  Cos

Bag  ///  Chanel

Earrings  ///  Chanel

Bracelet  ///  Tiffany & Co.

Shoes  ///  Chanel

IMG_9412 IMG_9384 IMG_9356IMG_9335 IMG_9469 IMG_9407IMG_9360 IMG_9382IMG_9341IMG_9364IMG_9344IMG_9326IMG_9404

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4 thoughts on “Endless sea of Lavender

  1. Hallo Vanessa,
    Dein Outfit ist toll, in deine Chanel habe ich mich verliebt. 🙂 Das Lavendelfeld ist eine traumhafte Location für Bilder.
    Gruß Nicole

  2. Wow Vanessa these pics are simply stunning. This Lavender Field is so worth visiting. I was there a few weeks ago. The smell is heaven.
    Cheers Gemma

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