Eclairs are the new Macarons

Eclairs are the new Macarons


Forget Macarons, forget Cupcakes, forget all other baked pastries that you used to love – here comes your new favourite sweet treat – Eclairs. And not the usual ones filled with cream and a little chocolate on top – ohhhhh no. These eclairs are a piece of art. Joakim Prat, the man behind the choux pastries, is a Michelin star Chef and came up with these colourful artistic beauties. The tastes vary from fruity like Raspberry or Blueberry to sweet like Vanilla and salty like Caramel or Pistachio, but there is also Chocolate of course. Prat not only bakes eclairs he also does chouquettes which are filled choux pastry balls. You see there is a lot to discover here. You have to go this little patisserie called Maître Choux in South Kensington – you will be amazed by the taste but also from the pounds you loose. Do not get me wrong – you won’t loose them on the scale but in your wallet. Three Eclairs cost 15.60 Pounds ( > 21 Euros ) which is quite a lot when you imagine that you get complete meals for the price of these sweets. Fact is – they are very special and you should definitely try them when you are close by. I have to discipline myself to not go there too often – I warn you they are addictive. I almost tried all flavours now and my absolute favourite is Vanilla.

Maître Choux

15 Harrington Road

SW7 3ES South Kenington



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9 thoughts on “Eclairs are the new Macarons

  1. Unglaublich gut sehen diese Süssigkeiten aus. Die würde Ich gerne in meiner Nähe haben. Da muss ich hin wenn ich mal wieder in London bin.

    Gruss Valerie

  2. My faves aren’t on your pictures (Love your pics by the way). They have a new summer sort and it is topped with strawberries. You have to try them.

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