Constance Le Prince Maurice // Mauritius

P1020140At the moment I am planning our summer vacation and cannot decide where to go. Thousand choices and so many nice hotels to choose from. Mauritius is also on our list – maybe we go back to paradies. We have been at the Prince Maurice a few years ago and we fell in love with this ressort. It is small, calming and very exclusive. We actually were the only couple not on honeymoon. Mauritius as well as Seychelles and Maldives are the typical destinations when you want to spend the perfect honeymoon as newly weds. But if you just want some relaxing vacations with wonderful beaches, amazing food and lots of sports activities – Mauritius is definitely the place to go.

We chose the Le Prince Maurice back then because of the style of the hotel and the tranquility. What else convinced us? I would say the large opportunities to try different sports was very interesting for us. We played Golf, Tennis, went to the gym, we tried water ski and rented a paddle boat – all free of charge, which is not very common. The Constance Group is known to be an excellent host where guests feel 100% satisfied. The service and the staff was so friendly and attentive. The hotel is member of the “Leading Hotels of the World” – so no wonder that we had zero complaints which I cannot say that often when travelling. I have high standards and especially when on vacation I want everything to be perfect. And that is how it was at the Le Prince Maurice.

P1020125 P1020165P1020324P1020332P1020175P1020147P1020144P1020137P1020129P1020136Now I will show you the rooms – they are very authentic Mauritius Style with lots of dark wood. The Villas directly on the water were fully booked when we arrived, because these were the rooms I wanted to be in. We had a Logoon View Villa, which was also very pretty.

P1020209 P1020201 P1020204 P1020169 P1020314P1020346P1020318From the decorations on the bed you can figure that they have a few honeymooners on their hotel. We did not mind – I actually enjoyed the Love in the air. And the pampering and the sheer luxury were just the perfect getaway we needed.

We have made an excursion to the sister Hotel Constance Belle Mare Plage to have a look how it is so that we know what we like for the next visit. It was also very nice and the beach was even more white than at the Le Prince Maurice. The downsides for us were that it is much more spacious and has more rooms which result in more guest. We prefer small hotels where we can rest and don’t have to see other hotel guests. If you are there just take the Hotel Shuttle and check out both hotels. It is all about your own taste, wants and needs. So you decide. Finally I can tell you though that the Constance Group is wonderful. Visit their website for more infos – they also have ressorts at Madagascar, Seychelles and the Maldives.

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Choisy Road, Poste de Flacq


Indian Ocean

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6 thoughts on “Constance Le Prince Maurice // Mauritius

  • Stil-Box

    Liebe Vanessa,

    awwwww! DAS ist das PARADIES!! Deine Urlaubsbilder sind eine Wohltat für meine wintergeplagten Augen und jetzt eine Reise zu buchen tut bestimmt total gut. Leider, weißt Du ja, kommen für uns die nächsten Jahre weite Reisen nicht mehr in Frage und wenn, dann nur zu zweit. Ich liege meinem Liebsten schon lange in den Ohren, dass ich auf die Seychellen möchte. Ich denke, in vier Jahren, zum 10. Hochzeitstag, darf man dann wohl mal eine Woche alleine weg, oder? Ansonsten gibt es auch in Europa schöne Ziele. Aber wirkliche Traumstränke a la “The Beach” gibt es hier leider auch nicht. Ich bin jedenfalls gespannt, wofür ihr beide euch entscheidet. Bevor es im August bei uns in Runde zwei geht, werden wir aber auch noch vier Mal verreisen. Schon in zwei Wochen um diese Zeit werden wir wieder durch Paris schlendern.

    Alles Liebe und greeeeets nach LN

    • VanessaG Post author

      Liebe Anna,

      danke für dein Comment. Ja ich muss sagen, dass ich die Bilder auch total angeschmachtet habe und dringend in die Sonne will. Ich bin urlaubsreif, spätestens nach dem Post.

      Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß in Paris und auch im August alles Gute für du weißt schon was :-). Ich hoffe, dass wir uns bald mal wieder sehen.

      Gruss Vanessa

    • VanessaG Post author

      Da hast du Recht. Wir haben Gott sei dank einen super Preis pro Nacht bekommen. Mittlerweile ist das Hotel kaum mehr zu bezahlen. Schade eigentlich, denn ich würde gerne mal wieder hin. Gruss Vanessa

  • Melina

    I really love your blog. Especially your hotel recommendations because they look divine. I wanna visit them all.
    Please share some more hotels. Melina