Charlotte Olympia’s new London Store

Charlotte Olympia’s new London Store

IMG_2187Charlotte Olympia has a new store in London on Draycott Avenue in the heart of Chelsea. Some of you will freak out and scream – at least that’s what I did. Especially after I was invited to the Store Opening Event yesterday, which was lots of fun. Pimm’s, Cucumber Fizz, Champagne & Ice Cream – that does sound fun right? And of course being part of this stylish fashion crowd which also amazing. Fashion Editors, Blogger, Illustrators, Friends, Family and London’s most important shoppers were present. I could not take my eyes of their shoes – only Charlotte Olympia of course. Everytime I see Kitty Flats my hearts starts beating faster and I smile joyfully. I fell in love with her shoes and since I own my own pair which I bought last year I am a even bigger Charlotte Olympia Fan. (Remember I posted lots of Shoefies on Instagram showing off my Kittys – here & here for example). And I will guarantee you that these Kitty Shoefies won’t be my last – many more are coming up.

You probably wonder why I love her shoes so much? Well they are creative, artistic and are simply super cute. Even if the Kittys aren’t for you she also does lovely high heels with amazing details and always has an artistic twist to them. They are not only wearable – I would say they are a piece of art. Her clutches are actually collectors items and can understand why. The brand also started personalising shoes – you can choose from 51 patches and three colours of loafers and then you can get creative and design your own unique loafers. And on the sole of the shoes you’ll find the famous trademark – a little gold spider’s web, which is on every item in the collection.

 Finally I will show you her new Chelsea store, Bruce, the leopard and Charlotte herself. She is such a beautiful, talented woman with a great sense of humour and an amazing taste in shoes.

Meeting her in person was definitely my highlight of the Day.


Charlotte Olympia

114 Draycott Avenue

SW3 3AE Chelsea


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8 thoughts on “Charlotte Olympia’s new London Store

  1. Hallo Vanessa,
    auf diesem Event wäre ich auch gerne gewesen. Wie schön alles aussieht, vom Eis bis zu den Cocktails und den Schuhen natürlich.
    Ich hätte so gerne ein paar Schuhe von Charlotte Olympia. Die stehen auf meinem Wunschzettel für Weihnachten. Geburtstag hatte ich leider schon.
    Liebste Grüße Kim

    1. Hi Kim,
      Ich fand es auch total schön und war begeistert wie sich das Markenzeichen immer wieder aufgetaucht ist – auf dem Eis, im Cocktail – wirklich super schön durchdacht.
      Auf meinem Wunschzettel steht auch schon wieder ein neues Paar Olympias – man kann eben nicht genug Schuhe haben?!

  2. This Store looks super nice. I will go there and buy my first pair of kittys. I am so in love with her shoes. Cheers Nina

    1. Hello Nina,

      That’s a great idea. I can really recommend the kitty flats – they are not only beautiful and cute – they are comfy.
      Let me know which ones you bought. I am also a big Charlotte Olympia Fan.

  3. Hello Vanessa,
    it was so nice to meet you. Hopefully you will shop with us again soon. We have some new cute kittys that you might like.
    You have to come and try them on.

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