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Lets talk about my interior crush. I am admitting that I am a total interior freak. On pinterest I save soooooo many pins of interior inspiration that I could renovate 10 houses and would still have ideas left. My interior board […]

Interior Love: Chunky Knit Accessories

Yes you heard correct – this lip balm is 100% vegan and totally free of any chemical ingredients. Pure nature on your lips. And the smell is just amazing. Coconut oil and other yummy vegan ingredients are used to create […]

100% Vegan Lip Tints by Pacifica

Who would say is stressed? Please raise your hand. A relaxing Spa Day does the trick. Treat yourself! My wedding is coming up soon and there is still so much to do, decide and to take care of but I […]

Moroccan Hammam in London

Chelsea in Bloom took place last week, I could not attend the actual flower show, but what I saw were the decorations of the participating stores of Chelsea in Bloom. I just love when Chelsea is blooming with all the […]

Highlights of Chelsea in Bloom

Hier ist das erste Update. Shoppen nur in den J-Monaten ist doch gar nicht so einfach wie ich dachte. In London ist man so vielen Versuchungen ausgesetzt und es gibt einfach so viele Sachen, die ich sehe und gerne hätte. […]

Die Konsum Kolumne /// 1. Update

I have another Coffee Table Book for you that you should read or at least buy. Grace A Memoir is about Grace Coddington, I would say she is the most influential and talented creative director out there. She works at […]

The Memoirs of Grace Coddington

In the last few weeks I thought a lot about consumption and not spending so much money anymore on clothing and other items I do not really need. Well somehow I really need the Rockstud Flats but I will keep […]

Rockstud Flats made simple

Interior is one of my big passion besides fashion. Interior Decor can make all the difference. When you live in a furnished flat (as many Londoners do) you have to feel cozy and home although you have not selected one […]

How to brighten up your flat

With this post I will introduce a new category to the blog – Coffee Table Books! I always get carried away when I am in the book shop or in my little fashion library at home. Books in general are […]

The World according to Karl

Monday mornings are perfect for hitting the museum. All the weekend tourists are gone and you will probably be the only one there when you come early. That is the time I love, just me and the art. Here I […]

Getting inspired and motivated

I love planning things ahead and write it down in my filofax. Not that I plan everything, I am quite spontaneous and do not need a plan and a schedule for my daily routine. But what I like to do […]

The perfect Planner for 2015

The Red Soles are iconic! And what is better than having the same red on your fingers as a nail polish. I could not think of something more tempting. Christian Louboutin should have thought about it earlier. Well I am […]

Christian Louboutin Beauté

Our Weekends are usually planned through with Lunch or Dinner Reservations (sometimes both), grocery shopping, running errands, hitting the gym etc. But once per month we try to do a “Cozy Sunday” which includes lots of tea, good homemade food, […]

Cozy Sunday at Home

Fitness is a big part of my new routine this year. My goal is to hit the gym at least three times a week. Well let’s see how it goes – but my new sport essentials are quite motivating. These […]

Sports Essentials for 2015

London is crazy when it comes to cars! If you want to see unique cars, you have to walk around Harrods. Especially in Knightsbridge there are many petrol heads who love their cars more than anything in the world. And […]

This is Knightsbridge!

Weekends are perfect for manicures and for reading a book or a magazine. The new Harrods Magazine is out so I will bring my weekend activity forward and do it today. For my manicure I have chosen these two colours […]

Time for Magazines and a Manicure

I am a Foodie, and Christmas Time usually means gaining weight because I don’t want to miss out on all the lovely treats. The only way to stay in shape is hitting the gym. But how do I motivate myself? […]

Festive Season = Gym Season

How pretty are these leafs? When I was at Betty’n Caty the other day I noticed that these bright yellow Ginkgo leafs are everywhere. They are so beautiful and they also brighten up the appearance of the street. They should plant them […]

Ginkgo Trees at Prenzlauer Berg

My answer is go to Hyde Park and relax or rent a boat and paddle around the Serpentine Lake. There is nothing more beautiful than a lovely sunny fall day at Hyde Park. You’ll see what I mean by checking […]

What to do on a sunny day?

I just love rainy sundays – just my cashmere plaid and I on the couch. Accompanied by one of my many Coffee Table Books which happen to be a big source of inspiration for me – lots of beautiful pictures […]

I love “Rainy Sundays”

Wem Wasser und Cola zu langweilig sind, kann sich zur Abwechslung einen Cocktail mixen. Im Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona (Tessin, CH) hat Barchef Maurizio Cassaro Einblicke in seine besten Cocktailrezepte gewährt. Hier lasse ich Euch daran teilhaben. Im Urlaub wird mir […]

Cocktails zum Selbstmixen