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Banana Bread and Coffee are a perfect match – you could call them a dream team. Coffee is something that I could drink all day every day and I think that many people would agree. I already shared this coffeeshop with […]

The Banana Bread Buddies

Have you heard of Pomegranate Molasses? If you own any Ottolenghi Cookbooks you probably stumbled upon this ingredient. Yotam Ottolenghi loves it and drizzles it on everything because it enriches the flavours of vegetables and gives the dishes a bit […]

How to make Pomegranate Molasses?

Figs are in season – Yay. I love the sweet taste and that you can eat them sweet and savoury. This salad is both and if you like fruits in your salad – you will love this. Here comes my […]

Figs my season faves

Tomatoes are in season all year – just depending on what kind of tomatoes you can get your hands on. My local Wholefoods Market offers a really enormous choice of tomatoes and I love the colours, textures and tastes. And […]

Tricolore Tomato Quiche

I love hot dishes for breakfast like Pancakes, Porridge or Rice Pudding. This comforting dish is so yummy and fresh at the same time. This is also a great dessert when you host a dinner party and want to prepare […]

Coconut & Vanilla Rice Pudding

Papaya or Pawpaw has been my favorite breakfast fruit lately. No wonder because it is supposed to be super healthy and is called a super food. It helps with digestive issues, lowers the risk of cancer and is high in […]

Papaya Breakfast Ideas

This Homemade post is about smoothies. I love smoothies and especially after workouts I love to drink them. I have the feeling that they give me power and vitamins that my body needs after my gym sessions. But also for […]

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

The Meat Free Week officially ends today but I would like to share one more recipe with you how you can start your day a little brighter and more healthy. Smoothie Bowls, Acai Bowls and Chia Pudding are very popular these days. […]

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Hmmm when I look at this dish I really want to eat it now. You need to like Beetroot first of all but when you do this dish will be your favourite for sure. And also a good thing is […]

Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Salad

This colorful spring salad is so yummy as well as healthy and meat free. Have you tried Halloumi before? I just love it, I always order Grilled Halloumi at Lebenese Restaurants. But it is also great on salads as a […]

Healthy Halloumi Salad

After being asked for this recipe a million times ( it really feels like a billion ) I will finally share it with you. I was totally inspired by Judy Joo, an American Korean chef who recently opened Jinjuu restaurant […]

Bibimbap Bowl /// Homemade

If you are interested in health, nutritions and want to do your body a favour? Then you should blend yourself a green smoothie. There are no downsides. It is healthy, yummy and you will be satisfied after drinking it because […]

Power Drink: Green Smoothie

Well this is something you do not here that often – Cocktails for Breakfast? Yes you heard right! This breakfast is nonalcoholic but tastes exactly like the original. It is fruity yet silky, sour and coconutty. An amazing exotic treat which […]

Piña Colada for Breakfast

The only thing that gets me going in the morning, other than coffee, are vitamins. Lots of them to be precise. My Power Bowl that you see here consists of Vanilla Yoghurt topped with Chia Pudding and lots of fruits […]

Monday Morning Power Bowl

Enjoying summer berries while they are in season. Although Black and Blue do not match in my opinion because I never wear these two colors together. But for this lovely fruit sauce it is the perfect combination.

Blackberry & Blueberry Sauce

After having friends over for dinner last night we ate lots of delicious yet a little unhealthy things and we also drank Hugo’s. Detoxing is always great after an evening full of carbs and alcohol. This Detox Juice will cleanse […]

Time for a Detox Juice!

Can you imagine starting your day with this delicious sweet treat? You don’t even have to worry about calories because it consists of Vanilla Yoghurt, fresh Raspberries and only a little tiny bit of grated White Chocolate – just as […]

Perfect Monday Morning Breakfast Treat

Immer wenn ich mit Alkohol koche und eine Flasche Wein oder Prosecco nur dafür öffnen muss, gibt es für mich einen Hugo. Ja ich weiß, Hugos sind schon wieder out. Ich trinke ihn auch nicht weil er mal hip war, […]

Cheers – It’s Hugo o’clock!

Der mexikanische Klassiker findet mittlerweile in sehr vielen Küchen Anklang. Ob beim Japaner im Sushi, in Wraps oder zu Chips – Avocado Liebhaber können einfach nicht ohne Guacamole. Ich auch nicht!

HOMEMADE : Guacamole mit Papadams

Normalerweise esse ich morgens eher etwas Süßes in Form von Früchten, doch manchmal mag ich es besonders herzhaft. Wer auch ein Fan von Avocados und Tomaten ist, wird dieses Gericht lieben. Was ihr für das Vollkornbrot mit Avocadosalsa und Tomaten […]

Breakfast – Tricolore Sandwich

Wem Wasser und Cola zu langweilig sind, kann sich zur Abwechslung einen Cocktail mixen. Im Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona (Tessin, CH) hat Barchef Maurizio Cassaro Einblicke in seine besten Cocktailrezepte gewährt. Hier lasse ich Euch daran teilhaben. Im Urlaub wird mir […]

Cocktails zum Selbstmixen

A healthy breakfast is essential for a good start into the day, well for me it is. That’s why I love to create colourful and fruity breakfast bowls like this one. There is Mango in it as well as Banana […]

Start your day right!

Bei Kürbis scheiden sich die Geister, ähnlich wie bei Spargel, mag man ihn oder eben nicht! Doch wer ein Fan des orangenen Gemüses ist, wird diesen frischen Salat lieben. Zutaten: 1 Butternut Kürbis Basilikumblätter Sesam Naturjoghurt / Sojajoghurt (vegane Variante) […]

Lauwarmer Kürbis-Salat mit Joghurtsauce

 Nie wieder die schweren Tüten zum Glascontainer schleppen – Kompotts einkochen ist die Lösung. Gläser samt Deckel aufheben, einmal in der Spülmaschine durchgewaschen und schon sind die Behälter einsatzbereit für selbst eingekochtes Kompott aus saisonalen Früchten.

HOMEMADE : Kompott aus Früchten der Saison

Breaki-Time: Zum Frühstück muss es bei mir richtig gesund und fruchtig sein. Chiapudding steht nun auf meinem Speiseplan und das in allen möglichen Kombinationen. Doch was ist das Besondere an diesem kaviarähnlichen Glibber? Chiapudding gilt als DAS Superfood und Jeder […]

Chiapudding mit Blaubeeren und Passion Fruit

Wer es bunt auf seinem Teller mag, der wird diesen gesunden Salat lieben. Dieser Sommersalat ist eine Eigenkreation bestehend aus zartem Parmaschinken, frischem Rucola, reifer Ananas und saftigem Büffelmozzarella. Ich gebe hier keine Gramm- oder Mengenangaben an, denn jeder soll […]

Bunter exotischer Sommersalat