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Papaya or Pawpaw has been my favorite breakfast fruit lately. No wonder because it is supposed to be super healthy and is called a super food. It helps with digestive issues, lowers the risk of cancer and is high in […]

Papaya Breakfast Ideas

I follow Tanya’s Cafe on instagram for a while now and wanted to try it since they opened last year. It is so close to where I live but I always forgot about it when I was looking for a […]

Raw Tasting Experience at Tanya’s

This colorful spring salad is so yummy as well as healthy and meat free. Have you tried Halloumi before? I just love it, I always order Grilled Halloumi at Lebenese Restaurants. But it is also great on salads as a […]

Healthy Halloumi Salad

If you are interested in health, nutritions and want to do your body a favour? Then you should blend yourself a green smoothie. There are no downsides. It is healthy, yummy and you will be satisfied after drinking it because […]

Power Drink: Green Smoothie

Good Morning dear Monday Haters, I have something that will cheer you up. Try my Chia Pudding (made with Chia Seeds and Coconut Milk) with Plum Compote, Mango & Yoghurt. Then fill it into a red wine glass or any […]

To all Monday Haters

As I passed the new Victoria Beckham Store in Mayfair the other day, I spotted a new green eating place called Raw Press in the basement of Wolf & Badger on Dover Street. Raw, detox, organic and healthy are the […]

I saw RAW…

The only thing that gets me going in the morning, other than coffee, are vitamins. Lots of them to be precise. My Power Bowl that you see here consists of Vanilla Yoghurt topped with Chia Pudding and lots of fruits […]

Monday Morning Power Bowl

A healthy breakfast is essential for a good start into the day, well for me it is. That’s why I love to create colourful and fruity breakfast bowls like this one. There is Mango in it as well as Banana […]

Start your day right!

Bei Kürbis scheiden sich die Geister, ähnlich wie bei Spargel, mag man ihn oder eben nicht! Doch wer ein Fan des orangenen Gemüses ist, wird diesen frischen Salat lieben. Zutaten: 1 Butternut Kürbis Basilikumblätter Sesam Naturjoghurt / Sojajoghurt (vegane Variante) […]

Lauwarmer Kürbis-Salat mit Joghurtsauce

Breaki-Time: Zum Frühstück muss es bei mir richtig gesund und fruchtig sein. Chiapudding steht nun auf meinem Speiseplan und das in allen möglichen Kombinationen. Doch was ist das Besondere an diesem kaviarähnlichen Glibber? Chiapudding gilt als DAS Superfood und Jeder […]

Chiapudding mit Blaubeeren und Passion Fruit

Wer es bunt auf seinem Teller mag, der wird diesen gesunden Salat lieben. Dieser Sommersalat ist eine Eigenkreation bestehend aus zartem Parmaschinken, frischem Rucola, reifer Ananas und saftigem Büffelmozzarella. Ich gebe hier keine Gramm- oder Mengenangaben an, denn jeder soll […]

Bunter exotischer Sommersalat