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Yes another Peruvian inspired restaurant opened in London, I told you that it is popular to eat Ceviche and drink Pisco these days. Londoners go crazy for Peruvian food so after Casita Andina this new restaurant opened in the same week. […]

Chicama London /// Ceviche at its best

We totally miss Dubai and the yummy arabic food – take us back to our honeymoon please. Well in the meantime we can also have amazing arabic dishes in London for example here at Mamounia Lounge in Mayfair. They just […]

Dinner at Mamounia Lounge

We were always on the hunt for the perfect breakfast place that has it all – fantastic food, a nice atmosphere, good service and some kind of an outside space. Well now we found it – it is called Chiltern […]

Chiltern Firehouse for Breakfast

Usually I am a very healthy eater and I live by “clean and green eating  & no cheating” but sometimes even I need sweets. In my experience sweets taste a lot better when you do not have them very often. […]

Where to go on a cheat day?

Figs are in season – Yay. I love the sweet taste and that you can eat them sweet and savoury. This salad is both and if you like fruits in your salad – you will love this. Here comes my […]

Figs my season faves

Tomatoes are in season all year – just depending on what kind of tomatoes you can get your hands on. My local Wholefoods Market offers a really enormous choice of tomatoes and I love the colours, textures and tastes. And […]

Tricolore Tomato Quiche

We all know that London is a Foodie Town and that you can have all sorts of different cuisines here. Trying out every restaurant in town is a challenge and simply impossible. That’s why I was so thrilled to go […]

Taste London Food Festival

I love hot dishes for breakfast like Pancakes, Porridge or Rice Pudding. This comforting dish is so yummy and fresh at the same time. This is also a great dessert when you host a dinner party and want to prepare […]

Coconut & Vanilla Rice Pudding

Papaya or Pawpaw has been my favorite breakfast fruit lately. No wonder because it is supposed to be super healthy and is called a super food. It helps with digestive issues, lowers the risk of cancer and is high in […]

Papaya Breakfast Ideas

Food in Istanbul is very important and you can get really good food in this turkish metropole. Especially on the streets you can eat Simits, the sesame rings that I love. They taste amazing. I wish they would have them […]

Where to eat in Istanbul?

This colorful spring salad is so yummy as well as healthy and meat free. Have you tried Halloumi before? I just love it, I always order Grilled Halloumi at Lebenese Restaurants. But it is also great on salads as a […]

Healthy Halloumi Salad

The Brits love their Afternoon Tea and every once in a while I enjoy one as well. I overheard two ladies at Harrods the other day when one said to the other: “Today’s afternoon tea was lovely but I think […]

Anya Hindmarch Afternoon Tea

If you are interested in health, nutritions and want to do your body a favour? Then you should blend yourself a green smoothie. There are no downsides. It is healthy, yummy and you will be satisfied after drinking it because […]

Power Drink: Green Smoothie

I love Greek Food – there I said it. Tzatziki, Dakos, Feta or Baklava – these mediterranean dishes can be amazing, when you have the right ingredients. They are simple to make but hard to accomplish. If Opso is a real greek. The […]

Greek Dinner at OPSO

As I passed the new Victoria Beckham Store in Mayfair the other day, I spotted a new green eating place called Raw Press in the basement of Wolf & Badger on Dover Street. Raw, detox, organic and healthy are the […]

I saw RAW…

If you share the love of Cinnamon Buns with me, you should head out to the Scandinavian Kitchen in Marylebone. Believe me I tried many, but the Scandinavians know to to bake them to perfection. See for yourself… If you […]

My Weekend Favourite

You know that I am a Foodie, so it is no secret that I like to enjoy great food even when on vacation. Food is actually even more important when away because you can discover amazing dishes and ingredients if […]

Portugal Travel Diary // The Food

After a long pause in the Eat Out London Ressort I have a very special restaurant for you. The E&O in Notting Hill is not only known for their delicious asian cuisine, it is the place to be for fashionable […]

Lunch at E&O Notting Hill

The only thing that gets me going in the morning, other than coffee, are vitamins. Lots of them to be precise. My Power Bowl that you see here consists of Vanilla Yoghurt topped with Chia Pudding and lots of fruits […]

Monday Morning Power Bowl

Enjoying summer berries while they are in season. Although Black and Blue do not match in my opinion because I never wear these two colors together. But for this lovely fruit sauce it is the perfect combination.

Blackberry & Blueberry Sauce

Dank Berlin’s Internationalität kann man hier authentisch asiatisch essen. Hier sind 3 Restaurants, die nicht nur gutes Essen auf die Teller bringen, sondern auch ein tolles Ambiente drum herum bieten. Meine Top 3… Los geht’s mit dem DUDU am Rosenthaler […]

EAT OUT BERLIN : Asian Food at it’s Best… 3 ...

A healthy breakfast is essential for a good start into the day, well for me it is. That’s why I love to create colourful and fruity breakfast bowls like this one. There is Mango in it as well as Banana […]

Start your day right!

Wer es bunt auf seinem Teller mag, der wird diesen gesunden Salat lieben. Dieser Sommersalat ist eine Eigenkreation bestehend aus zartem Parmaschinken, frischem Rucola, reifer Ananas und saftigem Büffelmozzarella. Ich gebe hier keine Gramm- oder Mengenangaben an, denn jeder soll […]

Bunter exotischer Sommersalat