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Blogs are so popular because you get to know the person inside out and you feel like she or he is your friend. I like that about the blogging world – you are so close to people even when you […]

11 random facts about me

What a girl wants? The answer is this house! There are many nice houses and flats in London – we know that – but this home is definitely the cutest one. I would move in straight away and so would […]

Cutest London Home

Coffee Lovers – this is for you. Every morning starts with a cup of Coffee – at least in my household! When I do not drink my coffee at home I need it somewhere else. The Ozone Coffee Roasters in […]

East London Coffee Affair

Gap Filling in London is usually done with brick stones but The Royal British Society of Sculptors had a different more creative idea. Music boxes, old trunks and cupboards were used to fill this space between these two houses in […]

British Style Gap Filling

Yesterday Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing announced that the french couture house will team up with H&M for their 11th designer collaboration. Rousteing and his two model bffs Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner presented the first pieces of the collection […]

Balmain meets H&M /// NEWS

Cityfreudeblog is in the celebration mode – why? Cityfreudeblog turned ONE over the weekend. I was a very exciting year with two London Fashion Weeks, lots of other events and art exhibitions, many travels and the daily London Life. I […]

Cityfreudeblog turned ONE…

We are leaving soon for our Istanbul Trip and I am so excited. Especially the bazaars and the several famous mosques are on my list as well as trying lots of amazing turkish food. So if anyone has been to […]

Getting ready for Istanbul

London is always beautiful, even in the rain. But when it’s nice and sunny I love it a bit more. Walking through my neighbourhood, browsing through some shops and having coffee in the sun – that is what I like […]

Sunny Afternoon in Knightsbridge

Today I wanna talk about Camera’s. This is my Bridge Cam LUMIX FZ45, it has been with me for 2.5 years and I took it on most of my travels & took lots of pics for my blog. But since […]

Bye Bye Lumix

Interior is one of my big passion besides fashion. Interior Decor can make all the difference. When you live in a furnished flat (as many Londoners do) you have to feel cozy and home although you have not selected one […]

How to brighten up your flat

It’s everywhere – All I see is red and Valentine’s Day signs. All cheezy couples love Valentine’s Day and all the broken hearted people hate it. Let’s not get too excited for Valentine’s. It is a day where couples are forced […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Even though London Fashion Week starts next week, at Harrods you can get a sneak peek of what the high end labels have to offer for Spring Summer 2015. If you need a gown for a special occasion, Harrods is […]

Ballgowns Fashion Reflection

Today is the official “Umbrella Day” and I am already prepared with my pretty navy blue Burberry Umbrella. I am waiting for the rain to fall so that this beauty will keep me dry. Hopefully you won’t need an umbrella […]

Happy Umbrella Day

Monday mornings are perfect for hitting the museum. All the weekend tourists are gone and you will probably be the only one there when you come early. That is the time I love, just me and the art. Here I […]

Getting inspired and motivated

I love planning things ahead and write it down in my filofax. Not that I plan everything, I am quite spontaneous and do not need a plan and a schedule for my daily routine. But what I like to do […]

The perfect Planner for 2015

The Red Soles are iconic! And what is better than having the same red on your fingers as a nail polish. I could not think of something more tempting. Christian Louboutin should have thought about it earlier. Well I am […]

Christian Louboutin Beauté

Our Weekends are usually planned through with Lunch or Dinner Reservations (sometimes both), grocery shopping, running errands, hitting the gym etc. But once per month we try to do a “Cozy Sunday” which includes lots of tea, good homemade food, […]

Cozy Sunday at Home

This is pretty easy and simple. Coffee Lovers go to Kaffeine, where else do you get the best flat white in the UK? Kaffeine was awarded the “UK National Winner for the best flat white in 2014” by the Beverage […]

Where Coffee Lovers go?

I just love flowers – any bloomers in fact! Especially when it is cold, grey, bare and leafless outside. I love to brighten up the flat with any kind of blossoms and flowers. Everytime I look at them I feel […]

Flower Love

the Horst P. Horst Exhibition has ended on 4th January 2015. If you did not manage to see it, here is the link to my blogpost about it. Nothing you have to be sad about because this amazing book about the […]

It is too bad that…

Well this is something you do not here that often – Cocktails for Breakfast? Yes you heard right! This breakfast is nonalcoholic but tastes exactly like the original. It is fruity yet silky, sour and coconutty. An amazing exotic treat which […]

Piña Colada for Breakfast

Good Morning dear Monday Haters, I have something that will cheer you up. Try my Chia Pudding (made with Chia Seeds and Coconut Milk) with Plum Compote, Mango & Yoghurt. Then fill it into a red wine glass or any […]

To all Monday Haters

Wild green parrots live in London’s Hyde Park. They are so beautiful and colourful. First I did not believe what I saw – Green birds were flying around and made weird sounds. When they settled on this tree I got this […]

Did you know?

I used to hate Sneakers, Trainers and every sporty looking shoe. But now I kinda love them. Funny how quickly things can change. Sneakers are comfy and can be pretty stylish as well as you can see above. These golden […]

Sneaker Love

Fitness is a big part of my new routine this year. My goal is to hit the gym at least three times a week. Well let’s see how it goes – but my new sport essentials are quite motivating. These […]

Sports Essentials for 2015

It is the first Monday in 2015 and I am starting it with french pastries. A crispy fluffy croissant helps me through days like this. It is Monday and nobody likes it. For most of the people who are working […]

Monday Monday

When I got back from my skiing holiday there were a few things that I missed while away. I missed my flat with my comfy bed, a Banana Bread at Kaffeine, Harrods of course and a Pimm’s at my favourite Pub which […]

First Things first

I am so excited that I finally received the iPhone 6. It’s faster, bigger, has more storage and the camera is better too. Superb – but with the different size of the phone I cannot use the iphone 5 covers […]

New Phone – New Cover

Just so you know: I am looking for the black calfskin leather Espadrilles with the silver Camelia Flower on the CC Logo in size 39! There you have it – I am calling Chanel several times a week at several […]

Name Search at Chanel

Weekends are perfect for manicures and for reading a book or a magazine. The new Harrods Magazine is out so I will bring my weekend activity forward and do it today. For my manicure I have chosen these two colours […]

Time for Magazines and a Manicure

If you like Christmas or not is secondary! The Carnaby Christmas Lights are a Must-See in London at the moment. See what the artistic Carnaby Christmas has to offer.

Carnaby Christmas Lights

Yesterday was the first advent. Christmas Season officially started since I lightened the first candle on the advent wreath. Hopefully your first advent was as nice as mine. I wish you all a lovely christmas season and be merry. Here […]

Advent Advent …

On the weekends I love to go out and have a proper breakfast! My London absolute favourite is Kaffeine – still the best Bircher Müsli out there. And the Banana Bread is amazing. I baked it so often at home […]

Proper Weekend Breakfast at Kaffeine

I love Christmas so London is perfect spot for me right now! The decorations are being put up very early but you can never start your christmas mood soon enough – that’s my opinion. In this bombshell – Merry Christmas […]

Christmas Season started already

How pretty are these leafs? When I was at Betty’n Caty the other day I noticed that these bright yellow Ginkgo leafs are everywhere. They are so beautiful and they also brighten up the appearance of the street. They should plant them […]

Ginkgo Trees at Prenzlauer Berg

  When you look at my Berlin Outfit you notice that it is cold – fur cold. And also that I wear almost all black today which matches the graffiti wall – soon Berlin. Maybe I should start wear black more […]

#OOTD Accessories Selfie from Berlin

Happy Fall of the Wall everyone! 25 years have passed since West Berlin and East Berlin have united. On sunday night there was an installation along the Berlin Wall where they released the balloons to celebrate this special anniversary. This picture was […]

Berlin Fall of the Wall Celebration

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall in Berlin I thought it’s time to celebrate. That’s why I came up with the idea of the *Berlin Week*. This means that I willshow what to do and where […]

It’s * Berlin Week *