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My birthday is coming up soon and again I will be one year older. My skin doesn’t get any younger and I only want to put on the best products that I can find. I am really picky when it […]

Beauty /// Made in the Black Forest

Yes you heard correct – this lip balm is 100% vegan and totally free of any chemical ingredients. Pure nature on your lips. And the smell is just amazing. Coconut oil and other yummy vegan ingredients are used to create […]

100% Vegan Lip Tints by Pacifica

Who would say is stressed? Please raise your hand. A relaxing Spa Day does the trick. Treat yourself! My wedding is coming up soon and there is still so much to do, decide and to take care of but I […]

Moroccan Hammam in London

“Live Life Colourfully” – I like that slogan. Usually I am not really a beauty person, but when I get to try new exclusive products with this kind of philosophy – I do not say no. What I loved about […]

Prismologie /// Beauty News

The Red Soles are iconic! And what is better than having the same red on your fingers as a nail polish. I could not think of something more tempting. Christian Louboutin should have thought about it earlier. Well I am […]

Christian Louboutin Beauté

Weekends are perfect for manicures and for reading a book or a magazine. The new Harrods Magazine is out so I will bring my weekend activity forward and do it today. For my manicure I have chosen these two colours […]

Time for Magazines and a Manicure

There are so many beautiful things out there, you just have to open your eyes and search for them. Yesterday I walked through South Kensington and spotted this single lovely pink rose which brightened up my day. You can find […]

Eyes wide open