Carpo /// New London Coffee Shop

Carpo /// New London Coffee Shop

Carpo_London_Coffeeshop1Carpo combines my love for great coffee and vegan chocolate. This is where I hang out all the time, drink a flat white or two and nibble some nuts and chocolate of course. Carpo Knightsbridge is their second London location after their Piccadilly Shop in Mayfair but they also have stores in Greece, where they are from originally and where they source these lovely products. The chocolate is mostly vegan and only the best ingredients are used to create this unique chocolate. My personal favourite is the one with whole pistachios in white chocolate. Nuts and chocolate is just the best combination ever. Paired with a proper coffee – it is just HEAVEN.

If you are a follower of my instagram @cityfreudeblog account – then you probably know Carpo already because I share so many coffee pics here. Here is a small selection:

You probably get where I am going with this …. I am a regular at Carpo and I have

OCD – Obsessive Coffee Disorder

which means I am addicted to Flat Whites.

But not only the coffee is amazing here. Nuts, Chocolate, Dried Fruit and all sorts of yummy things can be bought here. Also Harrods is just around the corner – so you see it is a great location too. They opened a few month back and I was so glad because here in Knightsbridge we do not have any independent coffee shops like in Soho or East London probably because the rents are just too high. Anyway I love this place – check it out when your are in the neighbourhood.

Carpo_London_Coffeeshop3 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop10Carpo_London_Coffeeshop121 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop17Carpo_London_Coffeeshop122 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop11 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop9 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop123 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop130 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop127Carpo_London_Coffeeshop54 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop126 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop133 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop150 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop132 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop43 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop152 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop160 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop171 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop153 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop169Carpo_London_Coffeeshop167 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop131 Carpo_London_Coffeeshop15

CARPO Knightsbridge

5 Montpelier Street

SW7 1EZ Knightsbridge


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