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Yesterday was the first advent. Christmas Season officially started since I lightened the first candle on the advent wreath. Hopefully your first advent was as nice as mine. I wish you all a lovely christmas season and be merry. Here is a Do it yourself – how I decorated my “Adventskranz” this year.

My Adventskranz is not the mainstream type. It is not green and it does not consist of fir branch but it lasts forever. I saw it at an interior design store and I had to have it. What I like about it is that you can style it as you like. Simply with bows or only candles or how I did it this year. I bought 4 silver glitter candles at Peter Jones and some ribbons as well as christmas bells.

But first I had to clean it because the silver was not shiny anymore after laying in the cupboard for almost a year. So I googled a bit and tried some silver polishing tricks. One of them worked great which involved raw potato slices. You cut raw potatoes and polish the silver with the juices and the flesh. Afterwards wipe it off with a towel. And the silver shines again.

 IMG_5602 IMG_5592


This is how it looked only with the candles and some shiny red ribbon – pretty plain for my taste. But then I added the christmassy details…



These are the bells that I bought in three different sizes and then I put them on a silver ribbon and after every bell I made a knot to hold them in place. They will be perfect to put around each candle like a bangle.

IMG_5608 IMG_5611-1024x576



And then the final touch – The Merry Christmas Ribbon!


And this is the result with the first candle lit.


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