About Me

About Me

Meet Vanessa London RahmenWelcome to Cityfreudeblog!

I am Vanessa, a young blonde with a big love for London! The British capital is an amazing city which is a food mekka, an architectural beauty and a fashion & shopping heaven all together. The Cityfreudeblog will show you what London has to offer in terms of FASHION / FOOD / ART / LIFESTYLE / ARCHITECTURE / TRAVEL. I hope you like the blog, the posts and the design. Stay tuned if you want to be up to date when it comes to London topics.

Psst Travellettes… I will also reveal my secret hotspots that I have been to and will tell you all about my own travels. Where to stay? Where to eat and what you have to see?

Besides travelling & my London Love I also like to cook and create new recipes. You will find a few recipes in the Homemade Section. I don’t know if it is a flaw or if it’s good that I cannot follow a recipe strictly – I have to give it my twist to transform it into something new and better. My fiancé always tells me I’m his Michelin Star Chef. I don’t know about that but I definitely have fun with food and ingredients.

As a Foodie I explore all sorts of cuisines which is totally easy in London. There is a restaurant for every cuisine and I love to try everything. It inspires me for my own home cooking and opens a door to a whole new Eating Experience. London has so much to offer and I would like to take you with me on this journey through the city, the different cultures, the tastes, the trends and my personal life. Lately I have been trying out different Afternoon Teas which is a typical British thing on the hunt for the best Afternoon Tea in London.

Cheers Vanessa

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