3 Looks with 1 Dress

3 Looks with 1 Dress

I have lots of cloth and still never something to wear. That’s how I feel at least. I am standing in front of my wardrobe and pull out 20 things and do not like one of them. When I am in such a mood I tend to end up in a basic and classic black dress which is not really great on its own – the accessories totally change the look. From Business to Leisure and Hippie to Rocker – you can style a basic in any way you like. And that is what I will show you with this post. In every look this black cotton maxi dress is present and with lots of accessories I will transform it into different looks.

L O O K  1

IMG_9763 IMG_9776 IMG_9785 IMG_9739 IMG_9728IMG_9752 IMG_9698

L O O K  2

IMG_0073 IMG_0030 IMG_0058 IMG_0010 IMG_0013 IMG_9992 IMG_0082

L O O K  3

IMG_9985 IMG_9975 IMG_9938 IMG_9948 IMG_9983 IMG_9910 IMG_9977

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6 thoughts on “3 Looks with 1 Dress

  1. Das sind drei tolle Outfits, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten. Das zeigt mal wieder wie wandelbar Basics sind und was Accessoires ausmachen.

    Liebe Grüsse Alexandra

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